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We spend a huge amount of time deciding how to make the interiors of our homes both functional and beautiful – how to maximise the space available to us to suit our needs. But we often neglect what can be the largest space on our property: the outdoors.

Our Thomas James Outdoors design team are passionate about using your garden and outdoor space to create something versatile, beautiful and usable to suit your lifestyle, but we’re even more excited when we get to make that space flow beautifully from your indoor living areas.

Indoor-outdoor living

The concept of indoor-outdoor living has seen something of a Renaissance in recent years, with savvy homeowners seeing the value in expanding the space they have to socialise, cook, and enjoy their homes. For the adventurous chef who loves to host year-round, an outdoors kitchen can give you valuable additional space and allow you to enjoy your garden even as you craft the perfect summer feast. And for families, having the flexibility of outdoor living makes the warmer months a perfectly fuss-free affair – soaking up every bit of sunshine together.


The tailored approach

Our design teams create bespoke kitchen spaces both indoors and outdoors – so we’ll take into account whether you want easy access to handcrafted wine refrigeration in your outdoor area and plenty of storage indoors, or whether your outdoor space needs to be tailored to hosting and socialising in quiet luxury. If you’re lovers of the great outdoors, why not incorporate a cleverly-designed boot room to help you transition from outdoor to indoors? The options are endless, as every Thomas James Bespoke space is designed precisely to your specifications. Our consultations are there to tease out precisely what will make your home feel seamlessly adapted to your needs so you can be sure it’ll hit the mark – and if you’re unsure, our experience means we can offer you great advice too.


Bringing it together

But indoor-outdoor living isn’t just about creating living space both inside and outside your home. The magic happens when these spaces flow into one another and work in tandem, which is where our bespoke design service really adds value to the transformation.

With a keen eye on functionality, we can design every element of your new spaces – from cabinetry to worktops – to match each other for a completely interconnected feel and give the illusion of one much larger space. Or if you’d like to add a subtle twist to the feel of your indoor and outdoor spaces, you could opt for the same style of cabinetry in complementing different tones, keeping the same finishing touches for a sense of continuity. The choice is yours: all our Thomas James Bespoke kitchens are all made by hand by our carefully-selected design team who will ensure your vision is brought to life thoughtfully and with the utmost attention to detail.

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